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About doing business with and in Poland. Get information and help here.

Geographic Center Of Poland
Geographic Center Of Poland

This site contains information collected by the Poland Chamber, Inc which information answers many of the questions visitors have related to Polish business practices and how to enter into commercial transactions with Polish companies.

About Doing Business With And In Poland

The site also contains much more information related to doing business online. That information, in many cases, is at best marginally related to the main topic, but it is included her for two basic reasons. First it is good informaiton and second, even this is a very old site and the content has, over the years, drifted somewhat, removing it would destroy some information that others have come to rely on.

What you read is based on first hand experience with running a business in Poland and working in international trade.

It is definitely not promotional material written by a government agency. It is written to give you what we hope to be a fair presentation of those things that will be helpful to you in your business dealings.

With that in mind, however, you are encouraged to do business with Poland. Try it and you are likely to do as so many have done – shifted their buying patterns to a European base, with Poland the main source of high quality products that are reliably delivered.

As an aside, Poland has some unique products, such as Boleslawiece Pottery and Natural Baltic Amber. You might find the information about them interesting. Here are links to information about each. Polish Pottery Natural Baltic Amber

And if you are going to travel to Poland on business, there is a lot of country background information at MasterPage.

Should you find that this site either lacks information related to doing business with Poland or if you need some clarification on some points made, please contact us and we will get back to you.